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Whether you’re looking for a dentist in Yarmouth for yourself or your loved ones, we’re the perfect fit for patients of all ages, even those who haven’t seen the dentist for years!

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We know that no two smiles are the same, which is why we take pride in offering comprehensive, personalized dentistry. When you visit us, you’ll receive valuable face-to-face time with our experts, ensuring that all of your questions and concerns are addressed. That way, you can move forward with treatment plans that best fit your needs and goals.

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Do you have a question for our team about what to do in a dental emergency or how much the care you need will cost?
If so, don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can help! If you can’t get on the phone right now,
then keep reading to learn the answers to some FAQs.

If you’re experiencing any potentially life-threatening symptoms (i.e., trouble swallowing, extreme facial swelling, uncontrollable bleeding), then head to the ER or call 911 for medical attention. If you aren’t, then you should contact our Yarmouth dental team ASAP to share what happened and schedule an emergency exam. We have appointments as early as 7:30 AM throughout the week, so there’s a good chance that Dr. Nguyen will be able to see you the very same day you call or, at the very least, first thing the following morning.

It’s common for patients to have completely different priorities when it comes to choosing a dentist. So, the best place to start is by pinpointing what’s important to you! For example, finding a dental practice that welcomes dental insurance might be a priority if you’re insured. Other priorities for patients include the doctor’s experience, patient reviews, and proximity to their work, home, or school. Ultimately, the answer really depends on what you’re looking for, so don’t hesitate to take the time to really consider what you want!

In the U.S., the average price of a dental checkup and cleaning is between $200 and $350. With that said, it’s possible that the cost of yours will be significantly less. In fact, if you have dental insurance, you may not have to pay anything out-of-pocket. That’s why we recommend bringing any questions you have about the price to us instead of trying to pinpoint the price online; we want to provide you with an accurate estimate, not a general range.

There’s a common misconception that dentistry is expensive. That’s not the case. Neglect is expensive. If you don’t take good care of your teeth, adopt unhealthy dental habits, and skip your biannual dental checkups, then it’s likely that extensive restorative care is needed. Conversely, if you prioritize your routine visits and implement a solid oral hygiene regimen, then your chances of developing tooth decay, gum disease, and other serious oral health problems are significantly less.

With all of that said, our team at Forest Falls Dental is here to help make the price of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry as affordable as possible. That’s why we welcome dental insurance and flexible financing with CareCredit!