Advanced Dental Technology Yarmouth

State-of-the-Art Dentistry

Dentist with a hologram of a tooth above their hand

The technology we use at Forest Falls Dental makes a significant difference in the level of care that we’re able to offer our patients. From CBCT scanners for planning advanced treatments to digital impressions that eliminate the need for messy dental putty, you’ll find plenty of examples of advanced dental technology at our Yarmouth dental practice, and you can see for yourself the impact they have on your treatment. You can learn more about our dental technology below before calling us to set up an appointment.

CBCT Scanner

Model of teeth in front of computer screen showing digital model of teeth

Dental implant placement and other advanced procedures require us to gather as much information as possible about your mouth and jaw, and sometimes a traditional X-ray simply won’t tell us everything that we need to know. This is where our CBCT scanner comes in; it can create a virtual model that shows us where important dental structures are located. This helps us figure out crucial details related to your procedure, like where dental implant posts need to be inserted.

Digital Dental Impressions

Dentist taking scans of a womans mouth and jaw

Many patients don’t look forward to having to bite down on unpleasant-tasting putty in order to have a dental impression taken. But at our dental office, we can simply scan your mouth to create a digital impression. Not only is this method faster, but it is also more reliable; there’s less of a chance of having to redo the process due to an error, and a highly accurate digital impression is invaluable for creating a restoration that fits perfectly on your teeth.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral camera device in front of computer screen showing digital model of teeth

Some patients find it hard to picture what’s going on inside their mouths even after having it explained to them. We know how much being able to see the problem for yourself can help. As such, we can capture pictures of your teeth and gums from a variety of angles using our intraoral camera. Then we can show these images to you and point out the problem areas; this can give you a clear idea of why exactly you might need a specific type of dental treatment.