Preventive Dentistry Yarmouth

The Key to a Healthy Smile

Woman smiling at her dentist during preventive dentistry checkup

What can you do to protect your grin from tooth decay and gum disease? Naturally, brushing and flossing every day can help, but it is also important to have a professional look at your mouth and identify any problem areas. At Forest Falls Dental, you can find various preventive dentistry services, from gentle checkups and cleanings to nightguards that can help keep your teeth safe from bruxism. Has it been more than six months since the last time you visited the dentist? Now is a great time to get in touch with us and set up your next appointment for preventive dentistry in Yarmouth.

Why Choose Forest Falls Dental for Preventive Dentistry?

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  • Dental Insurance Accepted

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Woman grinning in dental chair

You might assume that you will know right away when there’s something wrong inside your mouth, but unfortunately, many dental issues don’t show any obvious symptoms until quite a bit of damage has already been done. But if you visit our office twice a year for a dental checkup, we can identify dental problems while they are still small so that they can be dealt with appropriately. Additionally, we can remove any plaque or tartar that has accumulated in any parts of your smile that you may have overlooked while brushing.

Gum Disease Treatment

Person pointing to red spot in their gums

Gum disease is a condition where the gums become infected by the harmful bacteria living in your oral cavity. The symptoms of gum disease are relatively mild at first, but it’s important to realize that they will grow worse over time if you don’t take the right steps to correct the problem. Depending on how advanced your gum disease is, we may suggest a procedure known as scaling and root planing. The bacteria around and below your gumline will be removed, and the roots of the teeth will be smoothed out so that the gums have an easier time reattaching themselves.

Oral Cancer Screening

Woman having her mouth examined by dentist

Roughly 54,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. To give yourself the best chance of survival, you need to have it treated as soon as possible. Our team can help by screening for oral cancer whenever you visit us for a routine checkup and cleaning. Using the latest technology, we can check for symptoms (such as discolored patches) that could be related to oral cancer; we can then explain our findings to you and let you know whether you need to have a biopsy performed.

Fluoride Treatment

Toothpaste being squeezed out onto a toothbrush

The enamel protecting your teeth is very durable, but it is not indestructible. The good news is that you can strengthen it with fluoride, which is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in certain foods and a variety of oral hygiene products. Are your teeth not getting enough fluoride exposure? Our team can help with that by applying a concentrated gel or varnish to your teeth during your next visit. Fluoride treatments are typically recommended for children, but they can strengthen smiles of all ages.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Gloved hand holding a clear nightguard

Do you often wake up with jaw pain but don’t understand why? You could be suffering from bruxism – a condition where you grind and clench your teeth unconsciously. If we find signs of bruxism, we can help you take steps to put a stop to your pain. We can give you a nightguard that has been designed for your specific smile; if you wear it at night, it will protect your teeth from the damage often associated with bruxism, and it will help relieve some of the pressure on your jaw as well.

TMJ Treatment

Woman receiving T M J treatment from her dentist

If you suffer from chronic jaw pain or periodically have difficulty opening and closing your mouth, there could be something wrong with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ for short). This joint connects your lower jaw to the rest of your skull, and it can lead to all kinds of issues if it becomes strained or injured. Our team can help identify the factors that may be contributing to your TMJ disorder. In many cases, we may be able to help you find relief with an oral splint that has been customized with your specific smile in mind.