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Man talking to dentist about replacing missing teeth in Yarmouth

While it is normal for baby teeth to eventually fall out, your permanent teeth are supposed to last the rest of your life. Sadly, there are a number of circumstances that can lead to tooth loss, such as advanced oral hygiene issues or physical trauma involving the face. If a tooth is missing for any reason, you shouldn’t waste any time replacing it. We encourage you to call and schedule a consultation for replacing missing teeth in Yarmouth at at Forest Falls Dental so that our team can help you determine the best option for filling in the empty spaces in your mouth – whether it’s with a traditional dental bridge, a removable denture, or a sturdy dental implant.

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Dental Bridges

Dentist crafting a dental bridge to replace three missing teeth

A dental bridge is a prosthesis that is comprised of at least one artificial tooth and two dental crowns. We can anchor the crowns to your mouth via your natural teeth; this allows the dental bridge to fill in any gaps in your smile. You may be a candidate for a traditional dental bridge if you are missing only a single tooth or if you have lost multiple teeth in a row. Just like single crowns, dental bridges can be personalized in a way that makes them look very natural. On top of that, the lifespan of a dental bridge can potentially be a decade or more.


Dentist holding a set of full dentures

The idea of extensive tooth loss can be distressing, but you can fill all the empty space in your mouth with dentures. You can get partial dentures that fill in a few gaps as well as full dentures that can replace an entire arch. Traditional dentures are removable, allowing you to take them out of your mouth in the evening so that you can give them a thorough cleaning.

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Dental Implants

Illustrated dental implant replacing a missing tooth

Dental implants haven’t been around as long as traditional bridges and dentures, but many dentists highly recommend them for replacing any number of teeth. Once dental implants have been placed in your jaw, they can act as artificial tooth roots; this gives them additional strength and stability, and they will help your new smile feel more natural. If you are interested in rebuilding your grin with dental implants but aren’t sure whether you’re a candidate for the procedure, call us to schedule a consultation.

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