Root Canal Treatment Yarmouth

Saving Your Infected Teeth

Dentist examining a patient before root canal treatment in Yarmouth

If the bacteria in your mouth manage to slip past your tooth enamel, they might reach the pulp at the center of your tooth and infect it. This can lead to a severe toothache, and you might even lose the tooth altogether if the problem isn’t dealt with quickly. In many cases, the best option for stopping the infection before it grows any worse is to have a root canal treatment in Yarmouth performed. This treatment is nothing to be afraid of; its goal is to put a stop to discomfort, not cause it. If you think you may need a root canal treatment soon, you can reach out to schedule a consultation at Forest Falls Dental.

Why Choose Forest Falls Dental for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Team That Puts Patient Comfort First
  • Beautiful, Durable Crowns
  • Multiple Options for Sedation Dentistry

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Illustration of two decayed teeth

Root canal treatments are nowhere near as painful as you may have heard; a local anesthetic will be used to numb your mouth before the procedure starts. Once we’re sure that you’re comfortable, we can place a dental dam in your mouth. The dam is to make sure the tooth stays free of saliva throughout the procedure.

A small opening will be made in your enamel so that we can access the pulp. All of the infected tissue will be removed, and the inner canals of the tooth will be sterilized. After we’ve completed the cleaning process, we can use gutta-percha to re-fill the tooth before sealing it again.

In many cases, a dental crown will need to be attached to the tooth following a root canal treatment. This is to ensure that the tooth has enough strength for you to keep using it for everyday tasks such as biting and chewing. Without a crown, there’s a chance that the tooth could break at some point in the future.