The Cost of Poor Fit: 5 Complications of Ill-Fitting Dentures

April 12, 2024

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Patient holding their jaw due to ill-fitting dentures

If you’re a denture wearer, you know how valuable they can be. Not only do they restore the function of your missing teeth, but also their appearance. They can be the lifeline you need to eat properly and socialize. However, when dentures don’t fit properly, they can cause a range of complications that affect your oral health. Continue reading to see the five most common issues caused by ill-fitting dentures.

1. Sore Spots and Denture Ulcers

Ill-fitting dentures can create pressure points in your mouth, leading to sore spots and ulcers. These painful areas develop when a denture rubs against the gums or other soft tissues. Over time, this constant friction can cause significant discomfort and make it difficult to wear your prosthetics.

2. Difficulty Eating

When you have a denture that doesn’t fit, it can constantly shift or wobble, making it challenging to chew food properly. Over time, this can lead to a more restrictive diet and possibly a nutritional deficiency.

3. Jawbone Resorption

Dentures that don’t fit correctly can also accelerate bone loss. When dentures move excessively, they don’t distribute chewing forces evenly. As time progresses, this can cause pressure in specific places that can cause the underlying bone to deteriorate faster. Not only will this process change your appearance, but it can also further worsen the fit of your prosthetics. 

4. Difficulty Speaking

If you’ve ever tried to hold a long or lively conversation while wearing loose dentures, you know they often slip. This can cause embarrassment and lower self-esteem. So, the effects of ill-fitting dentures aren’t just physical, they can be mental as well.

5. Headaches

Many patients experience headaches due to their ill-fitting dentures, but they often don’t put the two together. When your prosthetics aren’t comfortable or stable, your jaw must work harder to keep them still. This increased muscle tension can spread from your jaw to your head, causing discomfort.

As you can see, Ill-fitting prosthetics can lead to many complications. From sore spots and ulcers to infections and reduced quality of life, their lack of stability can be felt both physically and mentally. If you believe one or both of your prosthetics is damaged, or doesn’t seem to fit, call your dentist. By addressing these issues quickly and maintaining good oral hygiene, you can enjoy the benefits of dentures without discomfort.

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